Monday, June 14, 2010

Wal-mart Liquidation Truckload of Overstocks and Closeouts Womans Apparel

I purchased four pallets of bulk surplus apparel from Wal-Mart . These pallets of liquidation inventory were closeouts and overstocks. The condition of the surplus bulk clothing was new. The woman's apparel were name brand clothing. There were two thousand five hundred pieces of woman's apparel on the four pallets. I paid $2600 for the surplus Wal-mart overstock and liquidation merchandise.
I went to a local flea market on the weekend. I sold the closeout apparel. The Retail sales for the two days was $7500. I had 6oo pieces of overstock woman's apparel left over. I sold the remaining surplus apparel to two merchants for $1200. The total sales for the four pallets of woman's clothing was $8,700 - $2600= $6,100 profit.

This made for an enjoyable weekend. A nice profit too!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sears Wholesale liquidation Truckload of Sporting Goods

Sears Toys and Infants surplus truckload of twelve pallets. The name of the type of truckload is deceiving. These pallets are sporting goods and cribs , car seats, treadmills, excesses equipment and much more. The pallets of liquidation merchandise were loaded with four treadmills (nordic trac),three exercise bikes, two cribs, ten car seats, many toys,
I paid two thousand four hundred dollars for the twelve pallets of liquidation exercise and infant furniture. I sold the pallets to three different customers for a total of five thousand nine hundred dollars. That is more than double my investment for the twelve pallets of surplus merchandise.
Good liquidating!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Surplus Liquidation Handbags Designer Truckload

Want to write about surplus liquidation handbags. I recently bought a small truckload of designer purses from Federated Department stores liquidation inventory. The truckload of designer purses had only six pallets of surplus merchandise. I paid four thousand eight hundred for the truckload of purses. This turned out to be a good investment. I sold the designer purses on Ebay. The total of all sales of designer purses was fourteen thousand six hundred twenty dollars.
Investing in liquidation merchandise provides a nice return. Much better than losing money in a bank. You can liquidate a small truckload of 5-10 pallets in about sixty days. More than 100% return with only a few hours a week.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bulk goods and salvage apparel from discount stores

Just a little on buying bulk apparel or salvage apparel. You must buy bulk salvage apparel at a very cheap price per unit. Five to 20 cents per piece is best when buying a truckload of bulk clothing.
Bulk apparel is usually distressed product. It is generally returned merchandise. This could be returned for many reasons.
So be careful when buying pallets or truckloads of salvage bulk clothing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

salvage truckloads of electronics from best buy department store

63 pallets two full trailer loads of salvage electronics from best buy. This salvage truckload had many problems. First it was salvage electronics. These sixty-three pallets of electronics were true salvage. Not one item in all 63 pallets was complete and operational. The good part is I only paid 4% of wholesale costs.It took 6 weeks to seperate and test the pallets of salvage electronics from Best Buy.
When I sold the last of the salvage truckloads the totals were a little more than $69,000 I only paid a little more than $18,000. Salvage electronics is a lot of work for the money. Closeout and overstock electronics is much eaiser. The profit margin is not as great. I think I will think hard before I purchase another truckload of salvage electronics

Thursday, January 3, 2008

new year new time to buy truckloads of wholesale close-outs from a distributor

Now that the new year is here it is time to get a truckload of overstocks and close-outs from a trusted wholesale distributor of this retail liquidation surplus merchandise.
I have to have a good working relationship with a wholesale distributor of this type of distressed product. You can lose money if pou purchase4 a truckload of walmart electronics (24 pallets). When the truckload arrives it has been cherry picked of the best product. Salvage electronics can be just that salvage. Good for parts or 4 units to make 1 good one.
This is why you must be very careful when you buy distressed electronic inventories.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

wholesale distributor of close-outs,overstocks A.K.A ..Trading companies

Wholesale distributors of closeouts, overstocks and liquidation merchandise from department stores are called trading companies. These companies purchase product from major retailers. The retailers where the overstocks and closeouts come from are contracted out to trading com panoies.
Thee trading companies also known as Wholesale distributors of liquidation surplus and overstocked merchandise. These contracts for department store surplus merchandise are easy to obtain.If you find what kind of program the department store has for liquidating thjere close-out and returned product. This distressed and overstocked retail merchandise can be obtained for as little as 5% of the wholesale costs when purchased by the truckload.

Monday, December 24, 2007

All most Christmas

Time to look at some web sites about liquidation of retail products. The siter to check for liquidation merchandise is liquidation dot com . This site allows you to purchase bulk lotys of liquidation overstocks, closeouts and department store returns.
This is an auction site. Similar to ebay. The main focus is wholesale liquidation. You bid on smal;l lots of overstocks department store returns. Up to entire truckloads of liquidation merchandise. This sis for resellers . There are not individual items presented for sell.

Friday, December 7, 2007

retail point of sale

Releases Video Discussing Vital Need of Point of Sale Software for Retailers

Scott Kriesburg, CEO of One Step Retail Solutions, the largest Retail Pro reseller, released a video discussing how to choose a POS partner for your company and the vital need of point of sale software for any store.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 7, 2007 -- Scott Kriesburg, CEO of One Step Retail Solutions, the largest Retail Pro reseller, released a video discussing how to choose a POS partner for your company and the vital need of point of sale software for any store.

"This video is a new approach One Step Retail Solutions is taking to help more retailers understand the need for advanced retail technology. They can read all about it, attend webinars on it and even talk to friends about it. But listening to a retail expert who really understands retail should help make a difference in how retailers will start to shift their existing 'cope"' mindset and operational behavior to a more proactive role in changing conditions," says Cyndi Seidler, Marketing Director at One Step Retail Solutions

"It's all about education, really, and once a retailer gets a grasp on why they need better point of sale technology to run their retail surplus operations, they will begin to see improvements across the boards," states Cyndi Seidler.
ovewrstocks with department store returnsd
Picking Point of Sale software for retail owners can be very difficult as they need to be knowledgeable in several areas such as computers, retail management of closeouts, networking, new technology and software features. This video seems to help most retailers build their knowledge base so they can make better choices when they pick their store returns POS systems.

"A poorly-designed or surplus simply ill-suited point of sale system can be a daily management headache; a good one that fits well with your business can be your most liquidation valuable employee," says Jane Harmon from

"A retailer with a POS system who buys overstocks by truckload, isn't running and utilizing its reporting features will not have insight into their business. It's really the key to success with a system."

"A retailer needs to understand how running reports will provide data to help them make money. Certain reports will provide them with information that can help them improve the efficiency of their staffing model, and which staff is producing the most sales, and what are their busiest hours of the day and day of the week, things like that," states Scott.

"I have seen retailers literally live and die based on how well they use reporting in their business!" -- Quoted from Scott's video interview.

One Step Retail Solutions new CEO interview has been gaining popularity and can be found on several video sharing sites such as Google, Metacafe, Youtube and Motionbox. One Step Retail Solutions and others have been using this video as a tool to educate its clientele and the broad public on the importance of the Point of Sale tracking systems for retail outlets.

About One Step Retail Solutions
One Step Retail Solutions (a.k.a. One Step Data) is one of the nation's leading resellers of point of sale / inventory control systems for retailers. The company is a founding member of the Retail Technology Resources Group (RTRG) and has been servicing the technology needs of the small to mid-size retailer since 1985. It is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, with offices in Los Angeles and New York. Website:

For additional information:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

wholesale closeouts from Sears and KMart

Sears and kmart depart6ment stores offer a large variety of liquidation merchandise. There are distribution centers in California,Georgia and Ohio. You can purchase truckloads of electronics overstocks and close-outs. Maybe just buy two or three pallets of returned elect5ronics.
I would much rather have the truckload of sears national brand electronics. Closeouts and overstocks of electronics are much better than three pallets of returned electronics. Returns of electronics have many problems. The closeouts are new merchandise. This is worth paying more for the liquidation of this type

Friday, November 30, 2007

got to love trading companies

Trading companies are liquidators that have contracts to buy closeouts overstocks and department store returns directly from the retail chains return center. Sometimes these contracts are exclusive . They might receive all the truckloads of department store returns for a region of the country.
Some retailers liquidation programs for overstocks and closeouts allow many companies to bid on small lots and pallets of electronics and general merchandise

Thursday, November 29, 2007

christmas is for truckloads of department store returns

This time of year is best for department store returns, overstocks and closeouts . Buying truckloads of this retail department store merchandise by the wholesale truckload is great.
I allways buy general merchandise from kmart,target and sears . Sometimes i like to purchase a truckload from walmart. The pallets in the truckload have a gfood variety. HBA, some pallets of electronics, mens womans and childrens apparel. Products that you can resale to just about everyone everywhere. This makes being a liquidation resaler easy if you purchase truckloads from macys or pallets wholesale of returns from sears or kmart

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Members’ Voluntary Liquidation

This is when the decision of liquidation is made by the shareholders of the company, and the assets will be enough to pay off all the company’s debts; in other words, the company is solvent.

Compulsory Liquidation

This is when the has the wholesaler of closeouts wound up on the petition of a suit, but if there is more than on they will all have to present the petition as only one director cannot present it on his own.

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation is good if you buy truckloads

This happens when the of the company are the ones to decide that their company be put into liquidation, but there are not enough assets to pay off the debt of the company, this means the company is insolvent.

Before considering liquidation, seek advice from a financial advisor, they will tell you what you ptions you have to get pallets from department stores

liquidation is overstock and clearence and returned merchindise

Liquidation might also mean dissolution, but sometimes dissolution means that it is the last stage of liquidation. There are mainly three different kinds of liquidation; these are compulsory, members voluntary and creditors’ voluntary liquidation. Compulsory is often referred to as a creditors’ liquidation where as the voluntary liquidations are also good like department store returns. It all depends on the situation of the company. Wholesale Liquidation of a can also be due to insolvency, where they have not paid their debts. When it comes to finance, liquidation might often be used when changing an asset into cash.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Manifest are a good tool for selling Liquidation merchandise

A manifest is a document. This document list all items in a particular Bill of Lading. The manifests is usualy set in a table. The table will have three or four columns. Depending on how many items are in the lot of liquidation merchandise determines the number of rows.
Each of the columns gives the properties of a single product.
First column would be a stock number or sku.
second column a brief description.
third column cost of one of that item.
fourth column the extended cost of items in that column. (extended cost is total number of items of that stock number X cost of one of same stock number)

The manifests is not just a good tool for purchasing overstocks, liquidation ordepartment store returns. It will aid you when selling the truckload of liquidation merchandise. Their can be five hundrede different items on a truckload of closeouts. The manifests is neccessary to keep track of the many different prices.
Many times products look very similar . The price of one may be 2 or 3 times as much as the similar product. When in the business of buying and selling closeouts and liquidation merchandise a manifests is sometimes your best friend

Closeouts from Kmart by the "Pallet"

Kmart has very nice pallets of closeout merchandise. Kmart's general merchandise closeout pallets have a large variety of product.
Kmart has three distribution centers in the U.S.A.. Georgia, Ohio and California .Pallets are manifested . The cost is 15% - 20% of the wholesale cost. Pallets of the general merchandise contain electronics,sporting goods, H.B.A. Tools, small apliances,toys, cookware and much much more.
They have exceptional value.
You can purchase these K mart pallets direct.
The people at Buy returns now . com will show you how and where to buy Closeouts overstocks liquidation salvage and returned merchandise from department stores.
They helped me out and now I have made $120,000 in the last 9 months. ALL the help was free. They never asked for a dime.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Wholesale Overstocks The friend of the Flea Market Vendor

Overstocks are NEW merchandise for resale. Purchasing wholesale overstocks is tricky. You want to buy directly from the department store,s liquiation program. The progtram can be run by the department store or a contractor.
You must sign an agreement with the department store. The agreement for purchaseing department store wholesale overstocks . You must agree not to sell within 50 miles of one of their stores. De-labeling the merchandise is neccessary.
The few things you must do are well worth the effort Your first delivery of liquidation overstocks will make you a lot of money.
Overstocks are great for the fleamarket.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Taking a look at wholesale overstock merchandise

Overstock merchandise from major department stores is allways avaliable. You can buy truckloads or pallets of overstocks. This merchandise originates from stores such as Macy's Sears, Kohls ,Target ,KMart Walmart. Overstocks are usually seasonal merchandise . At the end of winter winter apparrel is closed out . This makes room for the spring clothing line.
Department stores make this new merchandise avaliable far below wholesale cost.
sellers on ebay , flea market vendors or small store owners love the closeouts and overstocks. You take high quality product from department stores and sell it cheap fast for a good profit.
Department stores returns are a good liquidation choice for most resalers. Closeouts from department stores are basically new product.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

liquidation is overstock and clearence and returned merchindise

Liquidation from retail stores comes in many conditions. Depending on the type of product you buy and how much. Some purchase truckloads of closeouts. You can take a pallet of department store returns. W

When you buy the liquidation merchandise condition is the determining factor for price. Closeouts and overstocks cost more than department store returns.Electronics may cost between 15% - 30%. Returned product is closer to 15% . This type of product is not new . Up to one half of returns may not work.

Closeouts and overstocks are closer to 30% of wholesale. This merchandise is new. Many times closeouts and overstocks are seasonal merchandise. The condition is new. Very little waste compared to department store returns

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

only wholesale and closeouts from department stores

This is a blog to discuss buying department store returns ,closeouts overstocks and liquidation merchandise. I will teach you how to buy closeouts and department store returns wholesale by the pallet or truckload.Department store returns can be very profitable. Just be prepared to do some work. You must check all of the liquidation returned merchandise. Separate the produc t. Clean and repair what can be repaired.