Monday, June 14, 2010

Wal-mart Liquidation Truckload of Overstocks and Closeouts Womans Apparel

I purchased four pallets of bulk surplus apparel from Wal-Mart . These pallets of liquidation inventory were closeouts and overstocks. The condition of the surplus bulk clothing was new. The woman's apparel were name brand clothing. There were two thousand five hundred pieces of woman's apparel on the four pallets. I paid $2600 for the surplus Wal-mart overstock and liquidation merchandise.
I went to a local flea market on the weekend. I sold the closeout apparel. The Retail sales for the two days was $7500. I had 6oo pieces of overstock woman's apparel left over. I sold the remaining surplus apparel to two merchants for $1200. The total sales for the four pallets of woman's clothing was $8,700 - $2600= $6,100 profit.

This made for an enjoyable weekend. A nice profit too!


CURTIS said...

I'm hoping you are still active in liquidation, I am working on a plan to get into it after this winter season. Hope to see more of your blogs.

W. said...


I am interested in buying pallets from macy's/bloomingdales...I understand Federated sells them, but I can't find a website for them..
May I ask, where did you get your Macy's pallets?

JAW said...

Where did you obtain your pallets if you dont mind me asking?